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Regulatory updates

A newly proposed bill would allow drivers under 21-years old to move freight from ports, and the U.S. DOT expected to issue a joint proposal regarding automatic emergency braking systems on heavy-duty trucks.


New U.S. bill would allow drivers under 21 to work ports

The current federal law does not allow for drivers from 18-21 years old to pick up freight at ports because it is considered interstate transportation, even if the freight stays within state lines. Intrastate transportation, however, is allowed for those under 21 years old.

The new proposed bill would change the federal law to allow for freight that is moved from ports to other locations within the same state to be categorized as intrastate rather than interstate.

Representative Brian Mast introduced this bill to the U.S. House stating that this change would eliminate “logistical hurdles in order to maximize the labor force in the United States and address a contributing factor of the supply chain crisis.”

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U.S. DOT expected to take up automatic emergency braking in March

In March, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are expected to issue a joint proposal regarding automatic emergency braking systems on heavy-duty trucks.

The notice had been expected to be announced in January, but the two agencies now plan to publish the notice of the proposed rule in March. The two agencies are hoping to gather comments on the proposal that will require/standardize equipment performance for automatic emergency braking systems on heavy-duty trucks.

FMCSA is also expected to release a proposal regarding the evaluation of motor carriers during March as well.

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As cargo theft continues to rise, experts advise on prevention and spotting fraud

Shippers and carriers should be aware that the 2022 data showed an increase in cargo theft from 2021.
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EPA climate rule for heavy-duty trucks to take effect March 27, 2023

The program set by the EPA will reduce air pollution, including ozone and particulate matter (PM), from heavy duty engines and vehicles across the United States.
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