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Migrant crisis affecting the Mexico/U.S. border

Schneider’s Laredo truckload and CPKC intermodal solutions keep cross-border freight moving.


Migrant activity has ripple effect on Texas border transportation operations

Migrant border crossing into the U.S. from Mexico has increased in the last few months due to the expiration of Title 42 in May 2023. Of the areas most affected has been El Paso, TX, where more than 364,000 migrants have been encountered in the past 10 months, and other areas of Texas and other border states are being affected as well.

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Due to this activity, border transportation operations have experienced ripple effects. 

In September 2023, Texas border U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) were redirected from the El Paso Bridge of Americas to immigration duties, and there were temporary closures, which was the second time this year. About 161,439 trucks crossed this bridge in 2022. 

Trucks were being instructed to go to the Ysleta-Zaragoza Bridge, which last year had four times the amount of traffic with more than 650,000 trucks crossed. Wait times at the Bridge were about 100 minutes, or 75 minutes in FAST Lanes (at the time of this article in September 2023). 

In October 2023, Texas Governor Abbott ordered safety checks on all cargo trucks in Laredo, El Paso, Eagle Pass, Del Rio and Tornillo, Texas. Inspections have since ended as 19,000 trucks carrying $1.9 billion in goods destined for the U.S. had been stranded.

Schneider Intermodal as a Mexico cross-border solution

After only a few months of utilizing CPKC’s non-stop cross-border Intermodal service through Laredo (May – July 2023), actual service is exceeding expectations. Service is faster than CPKC Advertised transit, and equal to or faster than average truck transit.

No stopping or transloading at the border with Schneider Intermodal. We keep your freight moving securely (99% theft-free) by providing border pre-clearance, shipping in our double-stacked containers plus transporting your freight in Mexico with C-TPAT certified carriers. 

In addition to our intermodal and van truckload solutions, Schneider also provides shippers with many other services in Mexico and at the Mexico border, including dedicated solutions, warehousing and port services, bulk shipping and network optimization. Schneider has been providing shippers cross-border transportation expertise in Mexico for more than 30 years.

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