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Benefits of converting from a private fleet to dedicated carrier

Whether you’re a shipper looking to fully convert to a dedicated carrier or just supplement your fleet, find the flexibility and control your business demands.


How dedicated solutions meet the needs of today’s supply chain

Private fleets that have been delivering freight the same way for decades are feeling the pressures of a rapidly evolving industry. Consumers demand more, regulations are tougher and costs are on the rise. The landscape has changed. Many of these private fleets simply aren’t built for today’s supply chain challenges and struggle to hit the mark on delivery due to: 

  • Outdated, costly equipment.
  • Limited technology.
  • Inefficient supply chains.
  • Driver recruitment.

Growing challenges of running a private fleet

The daily grind for private fleets comes with constant headaches and crippling costs. Businesses that take on delivery alone face:

  • A growing driver shortage: Staffing your private fleet is only getting tougher. The industry faces a driver shortage of nearly 78,000 drivers to meet rising delivery demands. At current trends, the shortage could surpass 160,000 in 20311.
  • Shifting capacity needs: Private capacity isn’t guaranteed capacity. A sudden sales surge beyond your means can leave you scrambling to deliver when it matters most. 
  • Complex industry regulations: Most major carriers have an entire team charged with staying on top of the changing regulation landscape—a luxury private fleets often can’t afford.
  • Complicated, relentless costs: Equipment maintenance. Driver compensation. Permits and licenses. Safety and risk mitigation. Insurance premiums. Technology. Rising fuel costs. Private fleets are on the hook for substantial costs that never let up.

[1]Source: ATA Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2022

Benefits of converting from a private fleet to dedicated shipping

In this new age of transportation, an optimized delivery solution is the difference between scraping by and standing out. The transition to a dedicated provider allows you to have a private fleet without having to manage it, giving your business the resources it needs to keep up with a relentlessly challenging marketplace:

  • Flexible capacity: While private fleet capacity is fixed, a dedicated carrier has the driver pool to flex up for sudden growth or sales surges.
  • Improved driver experience: Dedicated drivers often have better home time and pay incentives to perform at a high level every day.
  • Less maintenance, fewer costs: A dedicated carrier has the manpower to constantly monitor and maintain the fleet and manage fuel and compensation costs.
  • An army of experts: Keeping up with the complex transportation landscape requires a team of experienced, specialized experts. Dedicated carriers specialize in the nuances of the industry as well as the needs of the shipper, making them well equipped to work on behalf of your business.
  • Always optimizing: Dedicated providers actively optimize your supply chain with technology and strategies to shed costs and improve performance.

Contact an expert

Find a transportation provider that works hard for you

When you’ve invested so much time and capital in your private fleet, the transition to a dedicated provider can feel intimidating. Find a transportation provider that will go the extra mile to ensure a conversion is the right move for your business — and culture.

  • Take back your focus: A transportation provider experienced in private fleet conversions gives you the freedom to return your focus and expertise to where it belongs: on your core business.
  • Preserve your company culture: Whenever possible, your existing employees can be onboarded to execute the work done on behalf of your business.
  • Free up capital: After working closely with you to assess your equipment, your dedicated provider will consider purchasing it, freeing up valuable capital to flow back into your business.

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