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Top reasons businesses choose Schneider flatbed shipping

Protect your cargo. Improve deliveries. Grow your business. These are the reasons why companies are choosing Schneider's dedicated flatbed shipping service.


Schneider solves four common flatbed freight shipping challenges

Inefficiencies, capacity issues, lack of data driven and actionable supply chain insights, poor freight visibility and safety issues are all too common with flatbed shipping, often causing a reduced customer experience. Schneider’s solutions will give you the confidence that your flatbed freight will be delivered safely and on time, even to the most challenging sites.

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Solutions designed uniquely for you

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The visibility and reliability you need

People, technology, and equipment fit for your requirements

People, technology, and equipment fit for your requirements

Safe, proven dedicated delivery

Safe, proven dedicated delivery


1. Flatbed shipping solutions designed uniquely for you

No one size fits all hauls. That’s why it’s important to partner with a transportation company that builds a solution that is scalable to your specific needs. At Schneider, you get a dedicated business partner that will grow with you and help you see around corners, allowing you to be one step ahead of your competitors, proactively plan, discover trends and improve routes and schedules. Our team of accomplished engineers:

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Study your operations

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Become a part of your supply chain upstream


Customize solutions to optimize delivery in any configuration

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Find new ways to get more from your business moves


Our goals are simple

For surges and downtimes, long hauls and short, Schneider Dedicated solutions are designed to evolve with you as your business changes, while insulating you from the challenges that come with market variabilities. We:

  • Protect your cargo.
  • Save you money.
  • Improve delivery efficiency.
  • Grow your business.

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2. The flatbed shipping visibility and reliability you need

A lack of insights into freight during transport can cause shippers headaches and a lack of reliability. You’ll receive greater visibility into performance and transportation costs with Schneider, which means you will be able to track product shipments in real time and see how each load impacts your business’s bottom line.

Technology that enables visibility

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We invest in technologies that deliver visibility to you and provide real-time communications that maximize efficiencies and keep your loads safe. This allows you to: 

  • Enhance your customer experience.
  • Optimize as things change.
  • Bring more predictability into your supply chain.
  • Gain more control over scheduling.


Flexible solutions keep you moving

We give you the flexibility necessary for seasonal and startup demands, and multi-stop delivery routing so that you can keep moving forward. We can source and configure any trailing equipment you need and put measures in place to fix any issues that could arise along the way.

We solve for: 

  • Inefficient routes. 
  • Inability to meet customer deadlines. 
  • Shipment delays. 
  • Budgeting issues.
  • Lack of shipment visibility. 
  • Limited capacity.

3. Smart beyond technology

Adjusting your supply chain and shipping strategy can seem intimidating. But many of yesterday’s practices aren’t built for today’s supply chain challenges. Schneider has every detail covered, so business can continue as usual and then get even better.

Our people

Not only do we have the technology to bring you forward, but we have the people and equipment to support your unique solution design. Schneider’s expertise delivers throughout your entire operations, in a large variety of verticals, in diverse geographies, and in ever-changing markets.

Our technology

The technology investments we make are important in the flatbed industry and help you focus on:

supply chain efficiencies

Supply chain and route planning efficiencies

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Managing customer expectations

laptop and phone

Having visibility into your freight

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Improving multi-stop routing and load-building capabilities


Backed by 85+ years of shipping experience

As transportation experts with 85+ years of experience and thousands of ongoing customers, we know the best ways forward, how to minimize transport risk and how to move you ahead of your competition.

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4. Safe and proven dedicated flatbed delivery

An incident or error leaves freight stranded on the side of the road, a waiting game you can’t afford to play. We put highly trained, professional drivers behind the wheel and offer loading and unloading assistance, and securement and site location safety analysis.

Flatbed equipment safety


We are committed to investing in specialized equipment to make your project and loads as safe as they can be. We want to understand your needs fully so that we can tailor the driver’s skills to your load and equipment needs.

Flatbed driver safety training

Our number one core value of “Safety First and Always” is the focus of our drivers’ training and delivery preparation through site-specific driver playbooks and proactive driver coaching and development to prevent incidents, delays, and errors.

We solve for:

  • Inefficient asset management.
  • Inability to establish and hit KPIs.
  • Lack of data driven and actionable supply chain insights.
  • Outdated and unsafe equipment.
  • Inadequate driver training.
  • Increased incidents and freight damage.

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