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Technology and Electronics transportation, logistics and supply chain

When it comes to shipping technology and electronic goods, turn to Schneider for peace of mind that your high value freight is safe and secure.

Schneider's heightened safety standards include a unique layered security approach, tracking measures, geofencing routes and more. For your most critical loads, Schneider's Expedited services ensure a driver remains with your freight at all times.

Rely on Schneider engineers to determine the safest ways to get your high value loads from point A to point B. You'll be confident that your freight is in good hands.

Schneider is right for you if you need:

  • Flexible capacity options to meet your demand surges.
  • Compliance to Must Arrive by Date and On Time In Full requirements.
  • Efficiency through delivery optimization.
  • Safe, secured delivery of your goods.
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Delivering to meet your launch

Timing is everything in technology and electronics. To meet product launch and installation deadlines, your product must arrive safely and quickly. Plus, you typically need a lot of capacity and you need it quickly.

In business for 85+ years, Schneider is an expert carrier able to flex capacity to your freight needs including product launches, seasonal or promotional surges, surges brought about by consumer buying behavior, and even demands brought about by economic uncertainty.


Keeping your cargo safe

Schneider’s proven, layered security approach including specialty training, checkpoints, 24/7 customer service, driver transit updates, 24/7 tractor and trailer satellite tracking, and more, takes the gaps out of theft-prevention, protecting your high-value electronics at every phase of the shipping process.

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Visibility to your product any time

Schneider’s supply chain visibility is best-in-class. With industry leading tracking and tracing, you know where your inventory is at any time.

Strengthen your supply chain by putting our enhanced visibility options to work for you today.


Flexible capacity options

Rely on Schneider’s flexible and secure multimodal capacity options, warehousing, cross-dock, transloading and international shipping expertise to serve your business through whatever capacity need comes your way.

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Electronics and technology logistics case studies

What we’ve done for others we want to do for you

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Shipper Case Study

Custom staging for high-value product launches and promotions

A major electronics manufacturer needs high-security and on-time delivery for their new product releases and other time-sensitive projects. Schneider put together a staging solution to reduce the number of loads for a consumer electronic product launch, all while maintaining top-notch security practices.
Shipper Case Study

High-security staging and storage enables timed cell phone launch

When a major cellular phone manufacturer needed 20 loads of phones-- valued at $3-6 million each load-- delivered on a precise timetable, it turned to Schneider for secure storage, staging and delivery. Their high-value phones were also needed time-sensitive delivery since they are part of a new phone launch.

Technology services


Ensure on time, secure delivery.
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Simplify the complexities and challenges of LTL.
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Get unmatched capacity, reach and savings.
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Connect to thousands of qualified carriers.
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Get your freight when, where and how you need it.
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Need it fast? We’ll ensure it gets there on time and safely.
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Supply chain services

Increase your supply chain visibility and ROI.
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Port drayage

Take control of your imports and exports.
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Warehousing services

Let Schneider store and support your freight.
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