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Expert Bulk transportation

At Schneider, we have unmatched capacity for bulk shipping by tankers. All with the latest technology integrated into our processes to maximize efficiencies, keep your loads safe and help protect the environment. Schneider Bulk offers a culture of safety, commitment to Responsible Care®, and over 50 years of experience — and expertise — hauling bulk. We’ll mitigate the risk, while you manage your business.

Bulk transportation is right for you if you ship:

  • Specialty chemicals.
  • Food grade.
  • Liquid commodities.
  • Dry bulk.
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Bulk capacity to fit your needs

If your business needs a unique solution, we will have it. From campaign and pop up fleets, to all the equipment configurations you could ask for. The Schneider Bulk team will expertly get it there, safely and reliably.

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Bulk Express Intermodal

Best suited for long haul, Schneider’s Bulk Express Intermodal offers truck-like service over the rails. 

Our unique combination of tanker truck plus rail delivers cost-savings, industry-leading safety and a smaller carbon footprint while remaining surprisingly fast.

Bulk Dedicated/Private Fleet Conversion

Our Bulk Dedicated solutions provide the safety, expertise and technology you need without making the capital investment for equipment. Expect efficiency and savings. 

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Cross-border bulk transportation

Move your bulk loads in and out of Canada or Mexico with Schneider Bulk’s over the road or Bulk Intermodal options. We have more than two decades of experience crossing borders safely and securely.

With offices in both locations and experts at the ready, we pre-clear all shipments so your freight moves quickly across the border and securely onto its destination.

Bulk awards

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Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award 2020: Bulk Motor Carriers

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Green Cross for Safety, National Safety Council

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SmartWay Excellence Award, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Responsible Care® certification

Schneider Bulk is a proud certified Responsible Care® partner with the American Chemistry Council, a collaborative organization that includes manufacturers, shippers and other stakeholders. 

Bulk shippers who are mindful of their brand choose Responsible Care® certified carriers like Schneider, because of the high standards related to training, safety, security, sustainability and continuous improvement.

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