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Food and beverage shipping

With a limited shelf life, carriers are on the clock from the minute food freight is picked up until it has been safely delivered. Our comprehensive portfolio of services removes the complexities of shipping food and beverage freight and helps streamline your supply chain. Successful food and beverage shipping relies on several factors, including:

  • Ensuring food-grade shipping standards are upheld.
  • Implementing the right equipment and technology to expertly manage time-sensitive freight.
  • Meeting delivery expectations.

Shippers need a transportation provider that applies proven processes and performance to their business to mitigate costly claims and wasted product. Learn what factors to consider when choosing a food and beverage carrier.


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Expertly navigating the distinct food and beverage challenges you face every day

Food and beverage shipping comes with a unique set of challenges. Most commonly:

  • Maintaining product quality through varying climates, seasons and transport lengths.
  • Mitigating product contamination and other food safety issues.
  • Obtaining the right food-grade shipping containers and boxes.
  • Managing unexpected seasonal, promotional and demand surges.
  • Shipping heavy-weight freight.
  • Monitoring and implementing refrigerated shipping requirements and regulations.

Supply chain experts help optimize your food and beverage shipments

It starts with proper packaging for shipment.

We conduct onsite visits to assess freight and determine the best packaging and dunnage, connecting you to trusted suppliers to ensure they’re onboarded correctly.

Load planning.

Our load engineers use Load Expert technology to assess product density and load weight to devise the best load plan to help you secure freight for less. Through onsite visits, we recommend the best technology and optimal mode for the freight, while finding ways to minimize loads, shipping costs and freight claims.

Shipping container or box evaluation.

Through our owned assets, we control the cleanliness of the container or box to ensure it meets food-grade standards and specs.

Visibility, security and delivery management.

Real-time tracking through EDI, APIs and Schneider FreightPower® gives you visibility into your freight so you can ensure its safety en route and better predict when product is on shelves. And with our team of planners, we help you manage deliveries to reduce unnecessary fines.

Freight flexibility.

When Plan A doesn’t work, we help you adapt to your most pressing supply chain challenges, securing packing materials when there are shortages, obtaining safe, reliable capacity and everything in between.

See how Schneider puts the power of its portfolio to work to help ensure your food and beverage supply chain runs smoothly from origin to destination.

What type of food and beverage shipping do you need?


Refrigerated / temperature-controlled freight

Proper cooling is imperative to maintain product quality, and refrigerated freight shipping avoids loss in transit throughout climates, seasons and transport lengths.

Non-packaged liquid shipping example

Raw food-grade products

Clean, safe bulk containers that meet all food-grade regulations safeguard loads for both traditional bulk and bulk intermodal shipping.


Packaged liquids

Reduce lateral voids with the right dunnage for the most effective means of freight securement. Best modes for packaged liquids: Truckload, Intermodal, Brokerage.

A picture of packaged soda
An example of dry goods

Dry goods

To help ensure product quality and safety, dry goods must be packaged correctly and maintain a consistent temperature. From Truckload and Brokerage to Intermodal and Bulk Intermodal, we can determine the best solution to move your food and beverage freight.

Access services made for food and beverage shipping

Bulk Dedicated

Upgrade to safer and more reliable solutions.
About Bulk Dedicated


Get your freight when, where, and how you need it.
About Dedicated


Move your temperature-controlled cargo anywhere.
About Refrigerated

Warehousing services

Freight storage and value-added support services.
About Warehousing


Get unmatched capacity, reach and savings.
About Intermodal


Connect to thousands of qualified carriers.
About Brokerage


Ensure on-time, secure delivery.
About Truckload


Simplify the complexities and challenges of LTL.
About Less-than-Truckload

Supply chain services

Supply chain services
About Supply Chain Management

Port Drayage

Take control of your imports and exports.
About Port Dray

Food industry awards earned

General Mills Dry Carrier of the Year Award

Top Green Providers, Food Logistics

Ocean Spray Innovation Award

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Our teams’ partnership has helped General Mills navigate an unprecedented time in our history. We appreciate the Schneider team’s transparency and focus on service, cost, and capabilities.

Phillip West, Director of North America                                                      Transportation for General Mills

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